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The best smart light switches in 2020

The best smart light switch manufacturers in 2020 are Kasa, Gosund, and Lutron Caséta in our opinion. Kasa offers reliable devices with very good installation guides, both written and visual. You can connect them with your home Wi-Fi directly, and the Kasa Smart App provides fast response times. Apart from setting schedules and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control, Away Mode will turn on and off your lights randomly so that your house appears to be non-empty. Their prices are average among other, smart switch products.

Gosund is the go-to brand if you want something cheaper but useful. You can grab a pack of 4 devices for a very low price, which makes it an outstanding deal. Basic features such as voice control and schedules are present, you can even share your devices with other, Gosund users to take control of them. Their device works with a direct Wi-Fi connection, no network bridge is needed. If you want to experiment with smart switches then this product is made for you.

Lutron Caséta, on the other hand, targets premium customers. They are quite expensive, but their products are high-quality and very reliable. Besides voice and App control, they offer a dedicated Pico remote controller too. In order to connect to Wi-Fi, you will need a Smart Bridge though. They offer their products in kits, allowing you to choose from different set-ups. The wide range of features they provide makes their price reasonable.

Device Device Control Wi-Fi type Extra feature Overall Price
Kasa Single Pole Kasa Smart
Direct connection
to 2.4 GHz
Away mode Reliable
Mid-range price
Many features
Kasa 3-way Kasa Smart
Direct connection
to 2.4 GHz
Away mode 3-way version
Same capabilities
Gosund Gosund App Direct connection
to 2.4 GHz
Device sharing Basic features
Unbeatable price
Lutron Caséta Lutron App
Pico Remote Controller
Smart Bridge required Geofencing High-end product
More expensive


The Kasa Smart Switch is one of the best available smart switch products on the market. Manufactured by a well-known and trusted brand, this quality product is easy to be installed, has all the features one might possibly need, looks classy, and most importantly, relatively cheap.


  • Kasa Smart App: Use the app to control the switch from anywhere.
  • Precise Instructions: Detailed videos and guides on setup and usage.
  • Schedules: Set up schedules to turn the lights on or off at each time of the day.
  • Away mode: Turn the connected fixture on and off at random intervals.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Although most people are using smart switches to turn the lights on or off, it is important to point out that you can control anything connected to the switch like fans or even ACs. With the help of the Kasa Smart App (available for Android and iOS), both installation and usage will be obvious. There are detailed setup videos on the manufacturer’s website and also there is a step by step guide in the application on how to wire the switch.

Once fitted, you can connect the switch to your home Wi-Fi router directly, without any additional equipment. Using the Kasa Smart App, you will be able to set schedules to turn the connected fixture on or off at a given time of each day. One particular feature that can be really useful is Away mode, which enables you to turn the lights on and off at random intervals while not being at home, appearing as non-empty. You can also connect the device to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and use voice commands to control the switch. Check the price on Amazon here:

The previous product is suitable only if you want to control the given fixture from one location. You can replace traditional 3-way switches commonly found in living rooms, stairways, and hallways with a smarter 3-way light switch. Apart from the mentioned difference, this device is similar to the one before, having all the Kasa features and support. You can check the product on Amazon here: 

Buyers claim that these Kasa products are reliable, setup is as easy as advertised, and the application provides fast response times. The application itself has a 4.7 rating (out of 5) on Google Play, which is really good. However, a few buyers also claimed that when they had some kind of problem with the device, Customer Service was quite bad.


Our second device of smart switches is one of Gosund’s. This brand specializes in smart home products, therefore a little less well-known as TP-Link. You can grab a bundle of 4 switches at a reasonable price which makes this product a very affordable deal.


  • Great user manual: There is a detailed, written manual with loads of information.
  • Customer-made guides: Many videos on how to install and wire.
  • Voice control: Connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant easily.
  • Gosund App: Dedicated application to control the device.
  • Device sharing: Share your smart switch with Gosund App users to give them control.
  • Neutral, Live, and Load wires are necessary.

In case you opt for this product, you will find many customer-made videos on how to wire and install the switch. Also, there is a great, detailed user manual, therefore the setup process won’t be cumbersome. You can connect to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network directly, and as you would expect, there is a Gosund application to control the device. Again, the user manual will come in handy.

As for the basic features, you can set schedules to turn on and off the light at a given time, connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and use voice control, and fundamentally, control the switch remotely. Furthermore, with the Gosund App, you can create so-called Scenes/Groups, which allows you to manage multiple smart devices in different rooms at the same time. If you want to give others the permission to control your Smart Switch, you can authorize that by the Device Sharing Function in the App.

Generally speaking, buyers are pleased with this device. They claim that it is actually easy to set up, to connect with Alexa or Google, and to make it work. Another big advantage is the price, which is very low compared to other, similar devices. However, the Gosund Application has an average rating of 3.4 (out of 5) only on Google Play. Reviewers mention various problems, ranging from connectivity issues to freezes and malfunctioning. Overall, we can say that compared to the Kasa products, Gosund is cheaper but less reliable. You can check the price on Amazon here:

Lutron Caséta

Lutron targets customers with a well-lined purse, no doubt about that. In return, they offer high-quality products and kits so that everyone will find what they are looking for. 3-way or single-pole, App or dedicated control, you can choose from offers based on what you need.


  • Easy setup: Videos and user manual available online.
  • Pico remote: Dedicated device to control the lights.
  • Smart Bridge: In order to connect to your home Wi-Fi, a Smart Bridge is required.
  • Geofencing: Turn off the lights when you leave the house, based on your location.
  • Customization: With 4 different kits available, you will find a suitable bundle.

As with the other products, you will find many videos on how to wire and install the device. Also, their user manual is available in three different languages, which makes the process easy and understandable. Once you are ready, you can control your smart switch in two different ways. First, there is a wireless Pico remote controller to manage the devices. This option is recommended by the manufacturer since it offers higher coverage and won’t load your home network. Second, you can download the Lutron app and give commands from your phone, however, in this case, a dedicated Smart Bridge will be required.

The basic features work as you would expect, you can set schedules, and connect with Alexa or Google Assistant. Another feature called Geofencing enables you to turn the lights off when you leave your house, based on your location. As of writing, four different kits are available on Amazon to choose from. You can opt for a single-pole device with dedicated or Application control, a 3-way product with Pico remote, or you can select the Deluxe bundle which contains 2 Smart Switches, a Smart Bridge, a Pico remote, and a wallplate.

Customers are very satisfied with the product quality, they say that it is easy to install and to make it work. Lutron App has a 3.9 rating (out of 5) on Google Play, which is around average. Customer Support is a life long and excellent, they even respond to public comments. This high-level of customization is unique on the market and paired with a feature-rich device makes the price more reasonable. If you do not mind spending a bit more, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. You can check the price on Amazon here:

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