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Newborn baby essential list

When it comes to a newborn baby, you will find yourself in the dark, because there are plenty of things to do before the baby arrives, and shopping for all the baby essentials is not least among them. Know that, it’s not that hard to keep yourself busy buying baby must-haves, from setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating, and diapering.

Surprisingly, the number of supplies a newborn needs can make any to be mom shocked. The main question is, how do you figure out which are the baby items you can forget about, and which are the essential kid components you can’t leave?

For an expecting mother, it is not good for her health to take so much stress about these kinds of stuff. In this article, we have gathered a checklist of all the necessary parts a mother might need during her pregnancy and for the newborn baby during the first few months.

Baby essentials for the first year

We have gathered the information into several groups, if you are interested in something specific, here are the shortcuts:



For a newborn, this is more or less the only clothing item you will need in the first year. Know that these products snap between the legs are easy to put on and take off your baby.


Your child will need pants surely for the crisp days and cold months to come. A pair of pants will keep your baby’s legs warm over their onesie.

Socks and shoes

As a newborn mother, you will definitely want to make sure your little one’s feet are warm and protected when you leave your home. Yes, babies will not always require to wear shoes, but socks are a necessity at any age.

Baby hats

Keep in mind, every child tends to generate a lot of heat through their heads, so keep your baby’s head cozy with a hat or beanie.

Before purchasing baby hats, you need to keep the season in mind. If it’s winter and you are currently living in a cold climate, then you have to make sure that you have got a winter hat as well. On a different note, when you will be out enjoying the sunshine with your little one, you can invest in a sun hat to protect them from sunburn.


If you want to help your little one sleep soundly and comfortably, dress them in soft pajamas or sleepers. Try to get 100% cotton pajamas, as it will reduce itching and deliver skin-soothing moisture to your little one’s skin throughout the night.


For so many reasons a good coat is definitely a baby essential. Obviously, you don’t want your precious little one to catch a cold. Try to be cautious to protect your baby’s skin in the winter. Along with a coat, it’s also good to have a couple of sweaters or light jackets on hand.



Everyone knows that a place for your baby to sleep is important. Many parents prefer a crib, while some folks like to use a bassinet, which allows your baby to sleep in the same room as you.

Yes, these products are great for tiny nurseries, but your baby will outgrow them sooner than later. Try to keep in mind, that if you have the room, a standard crib will last longer. In both ways, you will need a place for your bundle of joy to rest their weary head.

Baby dresser

You can make storing your baby’s clothing hassle-free by getting a small dresser. If you don’t have enough space, the dresser can serve as a changing table as well. Try to buy a changing pad too, and turn the top of the dresser into a changing area. This will let you forego the changing table entirely.

Swing or walker

All kids love to play in a baby bouncer. As it swings gently, and let them wander around the house with support from a baby walker.

Babyproofing items

As your newborn will be on the move and capable of climbing and crawling in a few months, so you will need your house to be babyproofed. First, have a look at your home and furniture to figure out what supplies you require for the process. The minimum list will include outlet covers, baby gates for the top and bottom of the stairs, and cabinet and drawer latches.


Swaddling wraps

Know that newborns love the warmth and comfort of being swaddled. For that, a good swaddling cloth is a necessary baby essential.

Burp cloths

If you want to avoid staining your clothes always, then having a burp cloth will be handy for you.


You will want to buy soft towels to dry your newborn after bath time. Keep in mind, hooded towels are both nice and a good way to keep a baby warm after coming out of the bath.

Sheets for cribs

You need to choose soft sheets that will fit on your baby’s mattress pad properly.

Skincare items


Just like all other human beings, babies get dry skin too. Body Lotion will keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.


You can use a soothing baby oil right before bedtime to moisturize your baby’s skin and to help him or her relax.

Bed products

Mattress pad

You will definitely need a firm mattress pad that fits your baby’s crib or co-sleeper. It is very essential. If you are planning to buy one, I highly recommend checking out these great products we reviewed previously. None of them would be a bad choice.

Bed pad

Waterproof bed pads will prevent the mattress pad from getting dirty if your baby’s diaper leaks or if they spit up during the night.


These are especially helpful when your baby begins teething. You should get multiple ones as they are small so they tend to get lost or damaged.

Question mark with idea text

Did you know?

Not for newborns, but for children and especially teenagers their bedroom is really important. You, as a responsible parent want to make sure they have practical pieces of furniture, at the same time, they want to shape it to their own taste. We have collected some simple ideas for kids bedroom furnishing that I am sure both children and parents will love. If you are interested, you can check them out here.

Changing essentials


Don’t forget that both cloth and disposable diapers have their benefits. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, they are definitely needed and you will need to keep plenty of them on hand. Ensure the fact that you are changing your baby’s diapers the right way.


You will always need to properly clean your baby’s bottom every time you change their diaper. For that, wipes are specially formulated for a newborn’s delicate skin.

Rash cream

This will keep your baby’s bottom just as soft as it should be, while also helping to protect against diaper rash.


Bottles and nipples

You will need these, whether, for breastmilk or formula. These two items are first-grade baby essentials.

Bottle cleaning products

When you want to clean baby bottles, you need to wash them fully with a bottle-cleaning brush or put them in the dishwasher in a bottle basket.


Yes according to studies, it is best to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first 6 months to a year, but if you can’t or choose not to, make sure to keep plenty of formula stocked for the newborn.

Breast  pump

This item is extremely convenient and will allow you to always have a bottle of milk on hand for when your baby gets hungry and you aren’t around.

Breastfeeding essentials

Remember to get nursing bras, breast pads, and nipple cream to make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible. These are very important for a newborn mother.

Bathtime supplies


A baby bathtub will make bathtime a breeze. You should purchase one to place in the bathroom sink or in the regular bathtub.

Bath oil

This one makes bathtime soothing and nourishing for your baby.


You can get some gentle cleansing gel and foam shampoo for newborns. They are safe and delicate cleansers to use as part of your child’s daily washing routine.



You will obviously need to get this one, as a good stroller is helpful for trips to places where you will be doing a lot of walking.

Car seat

This is a newborn baby essential. Don’t forget to have a car seat installed well before your baby’s due date.

Diaper bag

You will need to use a diaper bag to hold all the things you might need when you are out and about.

Some other essentials


In the market, there are a few different kinds of baby thermometers. It is beneficial to have one nearby, for when you think the baby might get sick or the pediatrician asks you to take their temperature before going in for an appointment.


You should ask your pediatrician about what baby medicine you need to keep in hand. Always remember to check expiration dates once in a while and restock as needed.

Baby monitors

You will need a baby monitor too, as it is very essential if your baby will not be sleeping in the same room as you. These days video monitors have become quite affordable and they are very effective to keep eye on your baby at night.


It is a known fact that parents should start shopping only once the baby is born. Though buying these items in advance will help you get prepared for the arrival of your newborn. Plenty of parents purchase shoes, toys, blankets, and sometimes a bigger house before or immediately after the baby is born. Keep in mind that the list of essentials doesn’t have to be much complicated.

We know babies need a lot of stuff, so you can use this checklist of ours to stock up on necessities for the newborn period to age 1. We hope it will definitely help you in the time of your need.


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