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Kid bedroom ideas on a budget

If you want to make an enjoyable and pleasant space for your children to have, you don’t have to stay on alert always to know what’s the new trend that has been going on for a kid’s bedroom. You can try to learn how to update your kid’s bedroom uncomplicatedly with a timeless style your child needs for the near future. As a parent, you may want the place to be vibrant and function well.

Decorating a certain space for your kids on a budget may need simple tricks and tweaks that don’t cost a lot. Know that this change will have a serious style impact. In this article, we have explored every space-saving idea and ways to make the most of a small bedroom including all designing hacks and quick updates that will not make you broke, and your children most certainly will appreciate it.

It doesn’t actually matter if you have a big room or just a dedicated corner as long as you use plenty of ways to make an affordable play space using some of your creativity with smart shopping and items you already have in your house.

Table of contents

  1. How a colorful room can affect a child’s mood?
  2. 10 kid bedroom ideas on a budget

Before we get into the detail let’s talk about a few basic information on how interiors and decors can influence a kid’s emotion.

How a colorful room can affect a child’s mood?

Remember that colors can inspire, amaze, calm, heal, and also upset a person. This theory is more applicable for children who can be extra sensitive to color’s influence. That’s why it is very important to choose just the right color for a young child’s room. According to many scientists and experts, a lot about the way color can persuade a mind and body. Keep in mind that every child is different, and these speculations can’t be applied to all.


This color is capable of motivating the body, exciting the mind, increasing heart and breathing rates. Though according to many pieces of research, too much exposure to red encourages aggressive behavior and an inability to focus properly. So, all we need to know is that the color red is great as a tone but might not be the best choice for a restless child.


This color has the opposite effect of red. It eliminates feelings of anxiety and aggression and lowers blood pressure and heart rates. Kids who show tantrums or other behavioral issues may appreciate the soothing effects of a blue-colored room.


This is known as the fundamental happy color. It has the ability to make people feel cheerful and energetic. However, know that yellow can cause more eye fatigue than any other color. It also encourages an assertive feeling.

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Did you know?

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Usually, this shade is considered as the color of nature. It can bring calmness, relaxation, and also has healing value.


This color is often accomplice with royalty. Purple is known to be energetic and self-assured. It’s also the color of passion, effectiveness, wisdom, and spirituality. This deep and heartwarming shade is a good pick for inspiring sensitivity and compassion in kids. Though if you have a sensitive child then you may want to keep this one limited to accents.


This is considered to be a warm and accessible color. Also, it is actually a great choice for children since it’s said to encourage confidence, communication, and independence. This one encourages a social nature that puts children and their friends at ease by inspiring conversation and partnership.

10 kid bedroom ideas on a budget

Frame the artwork of your children

To brighten up a light-colored or white bedroom, prints are a great way but they can be pretty pricey. In that case, you can use your kid’s artwork to shine up their room. You can frame their favorite drawings and hang them up to create a cost-effective gallery wall.

It will not only include an affordable splash of color to the room but also your child will feel a presence of pride to see their work hung up like in a proper gallery.

Create fun-bunk beds

If you have multiple kids then you can always decide to use bunk beds. Know that these beds have long been the simple solution for making the most out of a shared space. These kinds of bedding can be an endless source of creativity. You can take ordinary bunks to the next level with fort-like build-outs, curtains, etc.

Fun desk

You can make doing homework fun by boosting diligence. When it’s study time for them, by creating a desk where your kids will truly want to sit down and work. A cozy corner will be needed for this attractive space with a wall-mounted desk.

Different personalities

Having more than one kid means, there is a possibility for you to have kids with different personalities. And this doesn’t mean that when they need to share a similar space, their individual personalities can’t grow. You can create two different zones while maintaining one cohesive design in a shared place which will allow each child to define their space and express their personal style without compromising.

Make storage

If you are on a budget then you will find this way a great and attractive one to achieve what you want at a cheap price. You can decorate large, sturdy shipping boxes or extra-large diaper packages for storage purposes. Also, try to follow ideas like covering the boxes in brown packaging paper and letting the kids paint or scribble on them. This way the kids will be involved in the process too.

If you want something sophisticated then have a look in a common area and find a fabric you love, then cover the boxes with glue. It will also work as a great stuffed animal holder.

Curtains without sewing

We already know that kitchen towels are a great pick to decorate windows. These are hemmed already and come in various pleasant colors and patterns. To make each curtain panel, you can join two towels along a short edge with fabric glue by using painter’s tape to secure it until the glue dries. After that, you can make a rod pocket by creating a 1 to 2-inch fold at the panel’s top. It will be cozy enough to fit any curtain rod. Then iron the fold and glue its edge in place and let it dry.


These walls are very trendy in recent times and also for a solid reason. They are budget-friendly and very popular with teenagers as it is with toddlers. By designing a board like this inside your kid’s room, you will give them the opportunity to explore their minds with creativity and innovations.

Bedside stool

To save your budget, you can put a single bedside stool in all your children’s rooms. It will also work as a nightstand.

Old-school map

Adding a map above your child’s bed or study table can be a great idea. You can find a vintage map very easily, and it won’t cost much. Also, it will make the room a vibrant colorful work of art. And this will be educational for your kids too if it is noticeable.


You can try to add some shelves or small bookcases as they are not much expensive. These are available on the market at a reasonable price. Options like storage cubes and crates, only cost a few dollars. Installing a single wall shelf is quite easy, you can do it by yourself.

You can make a corner useful and look for some budget-friendly, free-standing, or wall-installed corner shelves. If you are into DIY stuff, then you can always consider affordable solutions like making the bookshelves by yourself.


Our children are the most precious and beloved forms of our lives. They are the shining stars who brighten up our worlds every day by just existing. No doubt every parent must want their child to be happy and healthy. Along with physical health, the mental health of children is also very necessary. Decorating a child’s room may seem small, but keep in mind that things which we may find insignificant, actually matter to the well-being of the children.

Many of us even face difficulties to understand our kid’s characters which is the major key in designing their bedrooms. In this article, we have shown you some of the best kids’ room ideas if you are on a budget.


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