How to make memory foam expand faster?

In the 1960s memory foam was developed for NASA, for the airplane seats, and now it is being produced to be in several products for daily use, from office supplies to footwear, pillows to mattresses, etc. There is a chance that your office chair is also likely to have a memory foam component.

If you are going to purchase a new memory foam mattress, it’s important for you to understand the rule of thumb, before you start using it.

As this specific product type has so many features, one of them is the composition of high-density foam, which is both absorbent of strength and very soft, which will make a perfect sleeping surface for you to sleep on. It has a few differences from the regular mattress, and as you are looking for the best bed to meet your desire for a night of perfect sleep, this one should be on the list of your choices.

As every bed-in-a-box company suggests different time duration for you to wait for the mattress to expand fully and go back to how it was, there is a possibility for you to become confused about what to do and what not to. This article will help you to find useful steps, by which you can try to make your memory foam mattress expand faster.

How to unbox a memory foam mattress without a mistake?

Before you are going to invest money into the new mattress, it would be good for you to know first how to unbox it properly. When your bed is going to have arrived, don’t rush, stop yourself from cutting through the box with objects like knives or scissors, you should use your hand instead. You have to check the condition of the mattress foundation as well. If you see any worrisome signs in the structure before you deploy it, repair or replace the foundation first.

Is it okay to sleep on a memory foam too soon?

Most memory foam mattresses need up to two days before it goes back to its original form and size. All these products come in a vacuum-sealed, pressed, and in tightly rolled condition to fit in the packaging.

But is it alright for you to sleep on your mattress the very first night? Well, as soon as you receive it, you can sleep on it, read on it, or basically do whatever you want to do with it.

If you use it right away, this will only speed up the procedure of expanding the foam, and it won’t cause any damage. The heat that comes from your body, when you are laying down on the memory foam, will cause the mattress to expand faster. Also, the foam can endure the pressure and the methods of packaging such as vacuum, rolling it up, sealing into a narrow box, etc.

Typically, a memory foam mattress could return to 90% of its original shape and size within 2-8 hours. It depends on the choice of material. You should know, if it has been rolled up for a long time, then it could take days for the product to get back to its specific features.

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Did you know?

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How to accelerate the procedure?

You already know that sleeping on your new mattress without waiting for 24 hours is okay, this way allowing it to expand, then you might ask why there is a need to wait for 24-48 hours for the expansion procedure? Well, in some cases, compressed memory foam mattresses do not extend fully. If you also have the same situation then you should ask your seller what can you do to make it right, or you can ask for a new one.

Sleep on it

To make your memory foam mattress expand faster you need to try a few things out. The first step would be sleeping on it, and it does make perfect sense. As we know, this product is just a big slab of foam and foam reacts to heat, your body will emit the heat, and that heat will help to loosen up the spots that have been packed due to being vacuum sealed and compresses in shipping.

The first few nights might be uncomfortable for you, but there is a big chance that it will work.

Break it in

Just like your shoes, you need to break your new mattress in. As new shoes need to be worn in to make them form to your foot, the same goes for your mattress.

You should know that it gets easy to forget this step “breaking in”, as you have been sleeping on the old mattress of yours for the past 10-12 years, so your body must have gotten used to your old bed. As a result, when you are going to try to break into your mattress, you will feel new and uncomfortable. Soon, it will pass, so give it some more time to mix in.

Massage it

The last trick would be to massage it.

First, you need to put down the mattress flat on the floor, then you need to get some clean socks on and walk on top of the product. The idea is to expand the bed by constant moving around combined with your body heat. After getting it done, you need to place it back on the bed frame and sleep on it for a few nights.

You should know foam pockets can form from being compressed in a box with so less circulation, and these pockets tend to stay for a long period, probably from the time of it’s unpacking. If you don’t physically massage out these foam pockets, they might never come to lose.

A week has passed!

After a week, if your memory foam mattress still won’t expand fully, unfortunately, you have a defective product. Though it is rare, still if it’s been a week then its time for you to stop fighting it and contact the company you bought it from to know the return policy.

How to protect and maintain a memory foam mattress?

Using a mattress protector is very practical and affordable. As you already will spend a bunch of money on your memory foam mattress, if you want it to last you should get a mattress protector.

The product you are going to use is like a giant sponge, which will soak up all the spilled water, soda, sweat, dead skin and other stuff you will do in your bed. If you won’t use a protector, those liquids will destroy the function of the structure.

As we know, memory foam is good at conforming to a pressure point, so its shape reacts in a vulnerable way to any sudden and violent forces, and the material could end being saggy if you do that. So, you need to be very careful and also have to keep children away from jumping on it. After a period of time don’t forget to rotate the mattress, so it can maintain its good shape for years.

Before you leave

Yes, each mattress has its own expansion time and functions. So, before it will fully expand, the required time will depend on the model and brand you will purchase.

Before moving it to your bedroom, you should be informed that a lot of memory foam mattresses usually take 24 hours, but it still may need an additional 2 hours at the very least. It is a traditional belief, that waiting for 24 hours or 72 hours will allow the bed to expand fully.

In recent days mattresses offered on the market take a short time to decompress, so if you want to, you can sleep on it right after unboxing them. You need to be conscious about the type of memory foam mattress you are going to get. If the quality of the foam is high, then your mattress will expand in less than 24 hours.


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