How to Make A Bed Softer?

Here you’ll find several options available for you to make your bed softer than it is now. Consider this article for you as a guide, to know which steps you should follow to get what you desire.

After having a long tiring day who doesn’t want to get a good night’s sleep? And to get it right, you need to start with the basics. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, getting the right kind of mattress is the first building block for a restful slumber.

If you’ve just bought a new mattress and you’re not satisfied by how firm it is, or you’ve had your mattress for a long time and it hasn’t been giving you the soft firmness you are looking for, then you’re dealing with an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Importance Of Having A Comfortable Bed

You spend a third of your day sleeping, which is a given fact. So, it’s obvious for you to give top priority to your comfort and support.

Professional Opinion For You To Consider

As Arya Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical center tells WebMD – “If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment”. If this scenario happens it can lead you to experience an achy morning, which I would never want for myself.

There are reasons to have a softer bed and for that, you will need a softer mattress. It can be so important. So, let’s talk about these reasons first, and then we will talk about some options by which you can make your bed softer.

The Importance of Firmness Level

Listen to what your body is telling you to do instead of following other’s opinions. Relatively, firmness is a term that depends on your weight and body type. The more you weigh, the more you will sink into a mattress. But it is opposite for tiny people. The less you weigh, the more you will find yourself laying on top of the mattress, and you won’t like the feeling.

Before finding the right kind of mattress for you to make your bed softer, you should consider few things first such as your weight and age, if you are having any sort of back, neck or hip pain, and the position you mostly prefer while sleeping.

When taking into consideration the firmness level of your mattress, you need to know which kind of sleeper type you are. If you are a back and stomach sleeper, you will need a firmer surface that will support your hip and shoulder to keep your spine in a neutral alignment.

Those Who Need Soft Mattresses and Why?

If you want a softer bed, you will need a soft and cozy mattress. Studies have shown, up to 74% of people admitted that they are side sleepers. It is not only the most popular sleeping position of all but also a healthy one. If you are a side sleeper then you will want to have a softer mattress which will be more accommodating for your hip and shoulder. We have gathered the best picks of today for you here. If your mattress is too firm and you tend to sleep on your side of the mattress, it will constrict your blood flow in your arms and hip.

A lot of people find a soft mattress to be much more comfortable than the firm one. For those who have conditions like fibromyalgia or scoliosis, having a soft mattress can be extra important for them. As you spend a third of your day sleeping, which means you spend almost a third of your life sleeping, you should do so in comfort.

To Make A Softer Bed, Steps You Need to Follow

Check your foundation

It doesn’t’ matter if you are trying to figure out how to make your soft mattress firmer or a firm mattress softer. If the foundation of your bed is poorly set, then the whole support system will drastically affect the quality of your mattress.

You should know that it matters what foundation you are going to use for your specific mattress.

A box spring mattress can make other types of mattresses feel soft and springier, but it shouldn’t be used with a foam mattress.

Making Firm Mattress Softer

If you just bought a new mattress, but it is not giving the feeling of softness as you expected, it’s time for you to know how to make these kinds of mattresses softer.

Break it in

Let’s not think negative. You haven’t bought the wrong one, you shouldn’t worry about this soon, and you definitely shouldn’t think about returning it and getting the old one back. Give it some time to sync in. Just because you are feeling a little bit unfamiliar and it’s bugging you, doesn’t mean it is a wrong choice.

Father, daughter and mother sleeping peacefully in a white bed

It takes some time

You shouldn’t be discouraged, it’s supposed to be this way and that’s why most companies will give you 90 or more days guarantee trial period. You may think there’s no way you can wait this long to put up with it, but it will get better, trust me. Normally it takes around 30 days, but with high-density memory foam, it might take a little bit longer. You shouldn’t try jumping or doing flips on it.


  • You have to use it. Don’t try any crazy stunts, just lay on it like every other night. If your bed has a memory foam mattress it will respond to body heat, body weight. And with your body heat and pressure, the mattress will soften gradually throughout the night.
  • Give it a little bit of room. As you know that your new mattress was stuffed in a closed package for how long God knows, so try to have some patience and let it breathe for a while before you put it to work. That’s how you will be allowing oxygen to penetrate its layers which will soften up the material.

Add A Topper

If you have a solid, sturdy, and supportive foundation and you are still having issues with your mattress, then don’t run out and buy a new one just yet. You should at least try a mattress topper first.


  • Egg Crate Foam: It is the next cheapest way to top your mattress. It is not so expensive, easily found, and customizable. If you search Amazon, you will find an amazing supply of shapes, prices, kind, thickness, and uses. It is obvious that the more advanced and thick it is the more expensive it is and I ‘m sure it will suit your needs at least for a while.
  • Duvet Comforter: This is not a recommendation for long term use, just until you figure something out for the long term.
  • Real Mattress Toppers: These toppers are much cheaper than buying a mattress, so slacking on your homework before purchasing one would be a disadvantage for you. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. You need to make sure you have chosen the right product to make your bed softer.

Increase Temperature

The type of mattress you own will decide the effectiveness of this method. This will only work if you have a temperature-sensitive mattress. If you are using a memory foam mattress this tip will work because it tends to respond to external temperature.

Rotate and Flip IT

Try out the other side, if you have a flappable mattress. To prevent permanent indentations and sagging I recommend rotating your mattress seasonally.

Get a new mattress

If you have a bed that’s worn out, sagging or too firm can lead to body stiffness, trouble sleeping which can lead to other issues. As we’ve already talked about, the firmness level of your mattress is very important for your spinal health.

If none of these tricks we offered are working, its time you need to get a new bed.

I hope, this article helped you by pointing you in the direction of a few ways by which you’ll experience sleeping on a softer bed than before. Using one or more of these tips, you can make your sleeping experience way better.

If you are interested, you can find more elaborated information regarding your queries here.


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