How to make a bed (mattress) more firm?

When buying a mattress, firmness is quite possibly the single most important factor for most people to consider. If you are sleeping on a bed with an irregular firmness level, it can be seriously dreadful for your health, which will lead everything from back pain to trouble sleeping.

If you want to have a firmer mattress, then the first thing you will need to consider is the type of mattress you are going to use. If you are using an air mattress, it can be made firmer, simply by pumping in more air, but with memory foam mattress it won’t be easy, as it already is soft because of its firmness.

You should know, with time the firmness of the mattress will vanish or slightly degrade because of heavy usage, moisture, inadequate care, and lack of proper placement of the mattress. Here, we will explain the many reasons why you might need a firmer mattress, and how you will do it. We have got you covered, whether you are getting completely a new bed or using tricks and tips to firm up your present one.

Why Firmness and Thickness of Mattress Are Important?

If you are thinking about the thickness and the firmness of your mattress, you should select according to the way you sleep, what are your basic requirements or what you expect to feel while using your mattress.

A better way for your health is having a firm bed. You tend to sleep on your mattress for eight hours every night, that’s a third of your lifespan. Whether you are sleeping on your back or your side, you need to keep the spine in proper alignment. Studies have shown that the concept of firmer bedding can reduce back pain, and will improve your sleep quality, and reduce overall stress.

A firm mattress or soft mattress – which one is better?

If we are talking about support, the firmer mattress tends to provide better, but to certain points of the body, they can also apply too much pressure, leading to annoyance, uneasiness, and pain. On the other hand, having a soft plush mattress can cause your spine to sink into the mattress, which can lead to spine alignment issues in the future.

Before making a decision, spend some time to do a little research. Your preference should be based on a multitude of factors, including your height, weight, age and whether or not you have neck or back pain, or other health issues.

Woman sitting on a bed with neck pain

According to your sleep positions, you can find the right mattress for you by only doing a very diminutive amount of research.

A side sleeper will need a softer mattress that doesn’t put so much pressure on hips or shoulders.

A stomach sleeper will need a firmer surface that prevents the body from drowning into the mattress.

A back sleeper should prefer a medium-firm mattress, that will support the lower back portion without pushing too much on the spine.

How to make a mattress more firm

As you already know, the mattress will lose its firmness or will sag with lengthened use, and to eliminate these troubles replacement of your bed is not going to be the only way. To get you started, we are providing you a helpful guide here.

Smooth and flat bedding

You have to make sure that you are using a sheet of the proper size for your mattress. You need to pull it tight from top to bottom and side to side. The sheet will apply some pressure to the mattress. By doing this, the bed might firm up enough for your liking.

Place the mattress on the floor

Placing your mattress on the floor can be another option for you to get your mattress firmer. If your bedroom has a hardwood floor, it will provide you the exact amount of support as plywood.

If you have an old-school double-sided mattress, it can be bad for your mattress’s durability, but nowadays most modern products do just fine if you stick them on the floor.

I admit it might look kind of strange and probably doesn’t have the same amount of bounce as you are used to, but it might help, though it’s not going to be a permanent solution.

Check the box spring

With prolonged use, box springs can wear out, and when they lose their firmness, they will provide less support for your mattress than they used to, which will make your mattress softer. Instead of replacing your mattress, replacing a box spring will be less pricy for you, and it will help to harden up your bed.

Replacement of worn-out layers

As so many companies are manufacturing different layers of material for their mattresses, so it will be easy for you to switch out the ones that are more damaged. To make your mattress firmer this way is more affordable. You just have to make sure that your mattress has a removable cover.

Using hard support

If your mattress doesn’t have sufficient support, it will become softer. If your mattress is lying on any sprung surface like a box spring structure, then it may not have enough support to build up firmness. If you want to make your mattress firmer, you will need to put more plywood or particleboard between the box spring and mattress, then your mattress will have more support.

You have to make sure that the plywood is the same length and width as your mattress. If it’s too-short it will lead to an overhang, while too large can lead to personal injury. You need to sand the edges smooth and round the corners of the board to prevent damage to the mattress or yourself.

Add a mattress topper

You will find various types of mattress topper these days. By adding a mattress topper such as high-density memory foam or a latex one, it can give you the appropriate firmness for your bed and contribute to goodnight’s sleep.

Add mattress pads

There are so many different kinds of pads and each can uniquely change the vibe of your bed. To fill the mattress, the quilting or material can be baggy and feathery or packed and compressed which can change either slightly or dramatically the feel and sleep on your mattress.

Flip the mattress

You will have to rotate your bed sometimes so that the heavier parts of your body lay in different spots can help. It’s a recommendation from us, that no matter what kind of mattress you are using, you need to rotate it seasonally to help prevent against impressions or sagging.


Because of dampness and contamination with mold and mildew your mattress can become soft. You need to take the mattress out into the sun and let it dry out, this will firm up your mattress and also will kill off any germs or bacteria that are contaminating it.

Adjust room temperature

The colder environment tends to make mattress firmer while higher temperature generally leads the mattress to get softer. By setting your air conditioning to a lower temperature might cool the mattress properly to meet your needs.

Trial period

So many online mattress brands have trial periods, that’s how you can get to know your new mattress before committing to it. Very few companies have year-long trial periods, while most companies offer a 100-night trial period. If you think the new mattress is not fulfilling your desired outcome, then you can contact the company and they will replace it or you will get your money back. If you feel the firmness of the bed isn’t quite right for you, you can let the company know and some of them will even offer to send you a free foam topper.

Purchase a new one

If nothing works from the above, your next option is only to invest in a new mattress.

The firmness of your bed is very important for your spinal health, and to prevent stiffness and body aches. If you have a bed that’s been around too long (more than 10 years) and has worn out, then if you will keep using the same mattress won’t have a good effect on your body. The steps we have provided above may help you sleep better at night until you get a replacement mattress.


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