How long do vacuums last?

Proper knowledge about the durability period of any vacuum cleaner provides you an exceptional chance of making the best of it. You should know, the fact that there are many models to choose from does not make things easy, especially since they all have various features and specifications to suggest.

We can admit that house cleaning is not the most entertaining part of spending time at home. Still, we have to get it done. Except you want to end up with dust and other residues around your home, you will need to do cleansing a few times a month. It doesn’t need to be a deep cleaning; you can start with a few light sessions and it will be more than enough to keep your space fresh and clean. The most obvious product that will help you in the process is a vacuum cleaner.

It has been around for a few decades and there is a good reason why it is still known as the bestselling product for house cleaning. If you separate the fact that it does the job accurately, investing in a high-quality product will grant you years of good service. Though, there is a need for you to assiduously measure your choices so that you will end up with the best pick. Fortunately, our article will help you with that.

Table of contents

  1. The advantages of a vacuum cleaner
  2. Importance of brand differences
  3. A budget-friendly option also exists
  4. The average lifespan of vacuums
  5. Has the time come to replace your vacuum?
  6. The reliability of a brand
  7. Which one is the most durable vacuum?
  8. A few aspects to consider

The advantages of a vacuum cleaner

Before you learn about how long vacuums last, you need to know a few of the main advantages that come with this product. First of all, it makes the process of whole housecleaning much more effective. We all know mopping takes more time and energy, so the only thing you need to do with a vacuum cleaner is to go over the area and it will suck any dust, soil or liquid residue.

Models from more trustworthy vacuum brands can achieve a power of up to 25,000 rotations per minute, so it is quite okay to mention that you ought to be able to clean your whole house in an hour.

Also, vacuum-cleaning actually removes dust, dirt, and compounds that can possibly cause allergies, unlike mopping and brushing. So, if you don’t include the fact that you will be saving time and energy, these machines offer a number of health benefits as well. If you decide to invest in a long-lasting vacuum that is manufactured by some popular brands, you will be able to get years of efficient service without the costly sustenance.

Importance of brand differences

To a great magnitude, the lastingness of a vacuum cleaner is dependent on its model or brand. You will find so many companies that make their products high-end enough to last for about eight to ten years, while others do not go to such extents. Believe it or not, it happens a lot that a company which stands behind a particular product affects the given quality.

As the amount, you have spent or going to spend is not always the best guarantee of what you are getting, these machines that are pricier seem to offer a more extendable performance than the ones you would find at lower prices. You shouldn’t be much surprised, given the fact that in order to give an extended vacuum life, the manufacturer needs to invest more money.

Hence, they can only boast of about 3 years of lifespan anticipation for their vacuum cleaner models. The quality of a vacuum cleaner can reflect in the price more often than not. As a result, the more durable vacuum cleaners tend to be more costly than less durable products.

A budget-friendly option also exists

There are some quite long-lasting and powerful brands out there, which are offered at much lower prices and are a great budget-friendly option if you are not being able to invest in one of the premium models. Many vacuum cleaners offer a warranty from 2 to 5 years depending on how frequently you use it.

In fact, the Shark brand offers its warranty on most of their models for that long. The good thing about these is, that they will be available in most homeware stores and you can also get lucky finding models online at discounted prices.

Apparently, the Hoover brand is the best if you are looking at the adaptability of the given offer, but their warranties are not as long as you will find on a Shark.

The average lifespan of vacuums

You should keep in mind, vacuum cleaners will not last forever. You will need to replace it eventually, no matter how good it looks. According to Consumer Reports, your vacuum cleaner will last a median of eight years.

But their lifespan depends wildly by not only a brand but also how the owner of the product is personally using it. If you possess a small one-bedroom apartment to yourself, you won’t have to use your vacuum nearly as much as a family of five with two pets in a 3,000-square-foot home.

So, if your machine is past eight years old and has seen a lot of use, the time to upgrade your product might have come. If you are still attached to your vacuum cleaner and you are not ready to give up your old faithful friend or want to slow its decline while you save for the vacuum of your dreams, there are few things you can do to try and salvage your old vacuum, at least for a certain period of time.

Has the time come to replace your vacuum?

If your product is not picking up dirt like it was supposed to, do not jump into the conclusion that it is time to get a new one. Before you consider investing a couple of hundred dollars on a new vacuum cleaner, you should research what it would take to fix your existing one. There is a solid chance it is just blocked or needs one of its parts to be replaced, and if you fix it, your bank will get saved.

If you decide to spend some time thinking about the problem and it turns out the vacuum does need to be replaced, it’s not like you are going to lose anything but a few hours of time, at most.

Check these things before replacing

1. Make it sure that the hoses are not blocked, and if you find a clog, there’s a simple trick that can remove it in a pinch.

2. Replace the filter or clean it. A clogged filter will stop the airflow, which means there may not be enough suction to pick up dust and dirt. By changing a simple filter all your vacuum issues might get solved.

3. Clean your vacuum as often as you can, so that when you examine the filter, if it is dirty, there’s a possibility that the rest of the vacuum needs a solid scrubbing too. You’ll be astonished to see what a deep clean can do.

4. Drive belts can grow out, dry rot or come off the track, so check it.

5. Changing the drive belt is a cheap and simple solution that could make your vacuum work like new again.

If none of the above solutions help your vacuum clean better, it may be time to upgrade your product. It may sound as bad news for your bank account, but it can also be a blessing in disguise. In the present years, all these machines have changed a lot. Do not go far away though, as we have a selection of great vacuums specifically for carpet and tile and also one for general purposes.

The reliability of a brand

You can say that a vacuum brand’s reputation goes far from the vacuum itself. There are some brands that are trusted and offer functional and high-quality products that should last you for more than a few years. But how will you know which brand you should trust? Along with researching about previous customer feedback, you should also consider knowing proper information about the customer service and the offered warranty of a certain model.

If a specific product comes with a lifetime warranty, you will have to make sure to carefully check the terms of the warranty. Lifetime warranties always are often not as good as they sound.

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Which one is the most durable vacuum?

The two most long-lasting vacuum brands you can go for are Miele and Hoover. The reason behind it is, that if properly used their products remain functional for ten to twenty years. On average, their models can remain in good condition up for fifteen years. The brand Shark and Dyson do not last that long.

A few aspects to consider

The type of power source

It really depends on you to choose between battery and cord based on your desire. Both have their own pros and cons so it comes down to which one you think would suit you the best. As battery-operated machines are more maneuverable, they also need time to time charging, while corded units are always ready for use and for an unlimited time.

Upright or Canister?

Again, this depends on your preference. You should know canister vacuums are usually bulkier and sturdier, so they often last longer than others. Yet, this depends more on the brand than the kind of vacuum, so you can freely choose a brand based on how convenient they are to you.

Bag or Bagless?

It doesn’t matter which brand you choose; you will have to empty them as often as you can. Products that don’t have a bag usually have a dustbin where they collect the dust and dirt. You should know dustbins sometimes have a bigger space than vacuums with bags, so they might not need emptying as often.


Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner for your house should be easy if you take note of everything we have talked about in this article. If you buy a high-quality product, it should last you at least from 10 years to 20 years and more. Don’t forget to consider all the pros and cons involved, and choose reliable models.

Also, keep in mind that proper vacuum cleaner maintenance plays a huge role in expanding the lifespan of your product and keeping the unit running at its optimal efficiency. So, taking care of your cleaner is just as important as choosing the right option.

Make sure that you clean and care for it as often as you can. You also need to learn when to replace broken parts instead of abandoning the whole machine.

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