How long do box springs last?

Sometimes box springs may look like it is not enough, but they can be a necessary part of a bed. They provide support to your mattress and will prevent it from sagging, and will keep the surface you sleep on comfortable. Once your bed starts to sag, you will wake up with aches and pains. So, you should not forget about it, but that does not mean you’ll always need one.

Given the progress in bedding technology in recent years, new products do not inevitably need a box spring for convenience. In many situations, however, one is required by the manufacturer’s warranty covering the bed.

The work of the mattress will deteriorate without a spring foundation of bed to provide excellent support and ease. To make an easy decision process, we have developed this handy guide to help you determine if and when you need one based on your bed and its warranty, your bed frame, and your bed foundation.

Table of contents

  1. What is a Box Spring?
  2. What do box springs do?
  3. How Long Does A Box Spring Last?
  4. Why do you need a box spring under your mattress?
  5. Benefits of Using a Box Spring
  6. How to tell if a box spring is bad?

What is a Box Spring?

The name doesn’t provide the best work in explaining the function. The intention of a box spring is to help the bed by consuming the weight of your body and to support the surface itself. It is usually made up of a wooden frame with either springs or metal rods that create a solid alignment set up that still has some give.

Most products are nine inches tall, but the height and construction can vary in many aspects. They are mostly implanted on top of a metal bed frame and below the mattress. This also makes it accessible to get in and out of bed while absorbing shock and reducing wear to the surface you sleep on.

If you decide to use a box spring it will boost the height of your bedding to a more comfortable level, will give support, and will add the life of your bunk and keep it quite solid. Every eight to ten years, you need to replace it when you change your mattress, as they can become worn and broken-down over time.

What do box springs do?

The word box spring is now more or less identical to the term foundation. Both are known to perform certain jobs:

  • Provide support and balance to a mattress.
  • They create a firm, flat surface on which your bed can rest.
  • They increase the surface’s height and keep it off the floor.

Since most upgraded designs have no real springs in their construction, sometimes box spring may mislead the idea. Bedding foundations were constructed in the 1800s and the early- to mid-1900s, by locating metal coils in rows on thin iron straps held in place by and connected to each other with thick wire. This construction plan was known as bedsprings rather than box springs. While the design gave its purpose of acting as a shock absorber for the mattress, it seemed to be flawed.

As there were so many attaching points among the iron straps, metal springs, and wire, the noise factor was important. The bedsprings began to sag very quickly, since the coils were generally far apart. After that, as the coils were fixed closer together, housed in wooden frames, and then covered in cloth to provide good functionality, the term bedsprings were changed into box springs.

Now, box springs or foundations come in an ample variety of styles. Modern manufacturers have found way more active ways to create lightweight support for a mattress – with and without springs. Those still constructed with coiled springs now have a much bigger number of coils that are individually wrapped and extensively padded for noise elimination.

In order to be convenient, most beds do not require a box spring. Keep in mind, box springs or foundations serve some important purposes:

  • They cater to a stable base for the mattress by minimizing the sagginess, and it also reduces wear and tear and increases the life of the bedding.
  • They keep your mattress off the floor. Low-profile beds may seem appealing, but a surface to sleep on sitting directly on the floor is not a good idea without taking specific precautions.
  • They meet the needs of plenty of beds warranties which become void if you are not being able to use the product on one of the recommended bases.

How Long Does A Box Spring Last?

Usually, it depends on its original construction and on which of the following questions applies to your base. It is known that a box spring could last a couple of years or up to 20 years. There are both high-quality box springs and poor-quality box springs, some are made of wooden foundations that can be built merely to hit a cheap retail price point, while others are built to the high-quality guidelines available. Normally a box spring these days may last for 8-10 years.

Why do you need a box spring under your mattress?

  • If you are using a two-sided bed that can be flipped, you will need to have a quality box spring as the mattress’s performance will suffer without it.
  • If the warranty of the surface you sleep on requires specifically, then you need to use a box spring. Many bedding manufacturer warranties include some sort of requirement that the bed is properly backed and will often specify the type of base that they consider acceptable.
  • If you have a collapsible metal frame for your bed, then you need to know, these frames have no base for the bedding other than the outer edges. If you don’t use a box spring or a foundation, your mattress will not get a proper amount of support, and will begin to sag, and could fall through to the floor. In most cases, without foundational support, the bed warranty will also get disappear.

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Benefits of Using a Box Spring

Aside from the fact that it helps to maintain your warranty and the longevity of your mattress, let’s talk about just how you can benefit from its use.

Elevate Your Bed

The first benefit it provides is that it raises your bed. When a bed is elevated high off of the ground, it can be pleasing for your eye. Also, it will be clean. If you have a high bed, it will help to prevent small pets from jumping up as well as preventing small insects from making their way up to your bed and into the covers with you.

Absorb Shock

If your mattress is laying on the floor, there is nothing that can help to absorb its shock. If you make a decision to jump on it or if you are a sleeper that tosses and turns, without utilizing a box spring, your bed is going to break down for repeated use much faster over time than it would with a box spring.

How to tell if a box spring is bad?

  1. If the box spring squeaks then it is a sign of weak joints that are beginning to loosen up.
  2. You need to check if there are broken slats. As it is obvious that sometimes you need to take off the dust covering the bottom, also there are some that are only held in with staples that must be removed.
  3. If you notice your box spring is sagging, then you need to remove the mattress and lay a straight edge across the surface. If there is a bow it must be removed by setting it on a level floor.
  4. If the coils are more than 10 years old, and if it has steel coil springs keep in mind, these support bases are generally worn by 10 years or have begun to fatigue and lose their ability to properly spring back or give adequate support to your mattress.
  5. You need to look for broken or loose springs. As it is a sure sign or a box spring that will not last under another bed.
  6. You need to check if the steel grid is bent or broken. The grid surface used on some box springs is the level support a bed rests upon, and without a level sturdy support, the mattress will wear prematurely.


A foundation, box spring, or any other type of base (such as a platform bed or adjustable base) is generally recommended for most mattresses sold today, and in many situations, a proper base will be required to keep the warranty valid. Generally, we can say that a box spring will last for a decade.

As we have put together a summary of all things related to the box spring to assist you in figuring out what you need for your bed. We hope after reading you will have a full understanding of the different pieces of the bed and box springs, what their functions are and how they best serve you.

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