How do bagless vacuum cleaners work?

Deciding to get a new vacuum cleaner might seem like an easy task, but I assure you that once you start to explore all of the choices, specifications of models, brands and accessories, the process of purchasing one product can become staggering very fast. A common fact is that these cleaners can be found in plenty of different models from dozens of brands all with their own set of features and attachments.

When it comes to bagged vacuum cleaners, they tend to offer a decent option for households in need of an assured improvement in their air quality. Those products are known to be the one who generates a less dusty environment, eliminate more foreign matters from floors, carpet, and upholstery. They also deliver a few features that will fulfill certain needs.

On the other hand, purchasing bagless vacuum cleaners will be a good all-around decision for those homeowners who want cleaner floors and guaranteed experience. Many of us often buy these products for our home, but very few of us actually know what these goods are capable of doing, and how they work. In this article, we will talk about how bagless vacuum cleaner works, their advantages, disadvantages.

Table of contents

  1. How bagless vacuum cleaners work?
  2. How to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?
  3. The benefits of having a bagless vacuum cleaner.

How bagless vacuum cleaners work?

Yes, each vacuum cleaner works in plenty of different ways. They are largely dependent on the type of suction and their filtering methods are adopted. These days plenty of modern vacuums use plastic bins instead of bagged ones because emptying them is an easy job. It only tells us that they require filters to separate the dust from the air.

Here we will know about a few main types of bagless vacuum cleaners and how they work.

The direct fan type

The direct fan type is the most common one in the bagless vacuum niche. It usually either uses a bag or canister for dust storage. It has a direct fan that vacuums dirt with a large impeller placed close to the brushbar. This type also has a cylindrical brush which is generally located at the front bottom of the device.

The dirt that is drawn out of the carpet or other surfaces through the impeller is flustered. Then it tends to deposit either with a direct approach or with a filter into its storage container. As it has a low suction power and basic filtering system, it might not be an appropriate choice for the domestic environment.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaners

These vacuums are very much different from direct fan types. They do not separate the dust with a series of impellers and bag filters. Instead, they dispose of the exposing dirt-filled air to large centrifugal forces, meaning they move away from the centers into a specialized collection vessel with a certain angle, this works by the cleaner sucking in airborne dust.

The air is forced to produce a fast-spinning vortex by this process through the centrifugal force. And because of this, the dust particles get trapped within it to move to the outside of the body. After being freed from the air vortex once, for later disposal the dirt falls to the base of the container through gravity.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

These circular vacuums tend to operate naturally with different sorts of positional, acoustic, and visual sensors by doing a bit of observation of the room, and then they start sweeping the floor periodically. These devices have units that typically use impellers, a series of filters, and compressed bins to draw dirt through their brooms and brushes. They do all these willfully before storing it for later manual extraction.

As these products are small-scaled in nature, so people use them frequently for small residential or medical applications. Although their suction volume and intensity has no similarity with the direct fan type or cyclonic vacuums. Also, they are not capable of accepting attachments usually which can stop their convenience. These vacuums are the most recent addition to the vacuum market.

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Did you know?

It really does matter in which season you buy a vacuum cleaner. Whether a bagless or bagged model we are talking about, certain times of the year can save you a noticeable amount. If you are interested exactly when, check out our article on this topic.

How to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

There are a few steps which you need to follow in order to clean your bagless vacuum cleaner.

1st step

You need to gather some tools and supplies for this process.

  • Dust cloth
  • The manual of the device
  • A single can of compressed air
  • Screwdriver
  • Dish soap
  • Scissors
  • New filter
  • Elbow grease

2nd step

First, we need to break down our vacuum cleaner. To do that we should start with removing all the washable and replaceable parts. As most people have upright models, so parts that have to be removed are the bin, the secondary cyclone piece above the dust bin, every additional attachment, the pre-motor filter, and HEPA post-motor filter, etc.

3rd step

You can wash every part (that can be washed) of your device with soap and water, the remaining parts can be cleaned with a dust cloth. Also, don’t forget to replace your vacuum’s HEPA filter fully every 6 months.

4th step

Those who own a bagless vacuum should know that the dust bin is not sealed. Which only means the inner compartments of the product can attract a lot of dust. If you give them a blast with a can of compressed air I am pretty sure it will clean them completely. But this step needs to be done quickly as after a while the can of air becomes cold.

5th step

This part includes removing the rotating floor brush and cleaning them. To clean the rotating brush one needs a scissor to cut it. By doing a hard tap with fingers the lint and debris from the bristles of the brush can be cleaned. While doing all these you can also take a moment to check your vacuum’s drive belt for wear and tear, cuts, or stressed areas. If there is any damage then you can replace it.

6th step

This step involves checking the air passageway for clogs before you reassemble the floor-brush of your vacuum. On most devices behind the floor-brush, there is a small circular air passageway. This passageway is known to be the main suction path for dirt and debris while you clean the floors.

If you want to make sure that the product you own is working properly then this airway should always be free of obstructions. You should also check the vacuum-hos for blockages and remove all of the debris that is trapped there.

After washing all the vacuum parts, and when they have dried fully, you are allowed to re-assemble your vacuum and install a new HEPA post-motor filter.

The benefits of having a bagless vacuum cleaner

Less pricy

After you purchase a bagless vacuum cleaner it will be less expensive for you to handle and maintain than the bagged ones. This concept of bagless one came in the picture because with this no one has to buy bags repeatedly to make it work. And also, you will have the chamber in which you can empty the dirt and debris.


On bagless vacuums, there are standard clear chambers that make it easy to see when the device requires to be emptied out. It is also easier to know if your product is effectively working or not by a mere glance. And you will be very satisfied once you see the visual evidence that the model you have purchased is picking up dirt at full strength.


If you own this kind of vacuums you will see how it is easily more environmentally friendly. As it is known that bagged ones can use hundreds of bags over their lifetime, and with bagless one, you will not be needing to throw anything superfluous away along with your dust and dirt. If you consider yourself an extremely eco-conscious person then purchasing this device will be the best choice for you.

Most likable

This product tends to be the most popular option among customers these days. There are many noticeable reasons for that. Firstly, because you don’t have to buy bags all the time just to use the device. It is also less hard to dispose of the dirt and debris because you are capable of cleaning it whenever you want.

Secondly, if you ever by accident vacuum up something valuable of yours, you can just open up the chamber to retrieve the item which is incredibly simple. Whereas with a bagged vacuum cleaner you would have to cut open the bag probably and sift around.


When it comes to vacuum cleaners there is no perfect or best choice one can have. Your needs, cleaning habits, allergies, etc. will help you to decide which one you should get. If you want to give a long life to your product then you should know that keeping your bagless device clean will increase its efficiency which will also make it easy for you to clean it in the future.

No one can deny the fact that both bagged and bagless models each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But both of them are effective and efficient when it comes to helping you keep your home neat. Those who already own or want to own a bagless cleaning device often wonder how they work, how long they will last. We hope you have enjoyed our article and this will help you in that matter. Also if you are curious to know how long do vacuums last, then check out our other article.


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