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Halloween ideas for children’s party

People celebrate Halloween every year in an amazing spirit. This day has become the second biggest festival after Christmas. Kids wait for this day to come, as it is the most favorite festival for them. On this day, they are able to gather a large number of candies.

For generations, the trend of Halloween has been passed on to us and in order to keep its true spirits alive, we need to find some time to teach our kids about this particular day of the year.

Adults are okay with seeing severed limbs and the living dead on Halloween parties but young kids and their parents favor age-appropriate amusement over a horrifying scary night normally.

Before your kids start their door-to-door journey to collect candies, if you are planning a party or as an alternative to trick or treating altogether, you can decide to host a budget-friendly get-together for a good time. This article will help you to have plenty of ideas to throw a kid-friendly Halloween party that is not scary and are appealing for young guests.

Table of contents

  1. What kind of food a kid-friendly Halloween party should have?
  2. Decoration Ideas for Halloween Party
  3. Game Ideas for Halloween Party

What kind of food a kid-friendly Halloween party should have?

Healthy snacks

You can serve a batch of these tasty and healthy Halloween nachos which will go down in a second. You can present the dish with guacamole or a pumpkin hummus centerpiece on your buffet table. On a different note, you can try another approach, such as- spooky stuffed peppers. Remember that they are much easier to carve than a pumpkin.

Freaky snacks

You can cook some devil- eggs, as they are easy to make also fun to eat. Try using food color to stain the outside and they will look like real dragon eggs. Your kids will love it. You can also get the children to participate and to help you make spider pizzas, pastry snakes, and sausage mummy dippers. A popular choice for this day is a simple Halloween cheeseboard with crackers.

Scary cake

You can create a haunted graveyard cake and this will be a hit with everyone from toddlers to teens. If you have some time in your hands then you can also make a gruesome and frightening Halloween slash cake.

Last year I have made a beautiful spiderweb chocolate fudge muffins and cute Halloween cupcakes for my kids and they loved it.


There should always be a sweet-tasting treat on Halloween. You can serve up a slice of apple & strawberry pie to your ghoulish guests, or scary Halloween jelly and slime bug-cups. Kids tend to love them. Those who are brave enough, they can have the spooky surprise truffles and fill them with a mixture of trick-or-treat flavors.


Another addition could be the Dracula’s blood punch & hand fruit punch. These drinks will help little ghosts and ghouls to fulfill their deadly thirst. You should make the beverages extra dramatic, by freezing a gaze of water and then you can use it as the ice for your punch bowl. Always remember to accessorize your drinks with grapes, olives, and lychees to make freaky ‘eyeballs’ spiked on cocktail sticks.

Decoration Ideas for Halloween Party

Creative invitations

You can show the parents that you are hosting a fun, family-friendly Halloween party. And enjoyable non-scary parties start with an invitation that sends the right impression. You need to pick friendly Halloween images that say the party you are throwing isn’t going to be filled with only blood and gore.

You can take help from your kids to create beautiful rubber-stamped invitations. Also, you can create ready-to-go themed proposals which you can easily find online or through electronic invite sites like Evite, Paperless Post, punchbowl, etc. Try to be creative and design your own party invitations using the computer with Halloween clip art and festive fonts.


Half the attraction of throwing an amazing kid-friendly Halloween party depends on the decoration of the place. You can choose a jack-o-lantern with dry ice fog as the centerpiece, to make all the kids of all ages feel amused.

Try to avoid using creepy plastic spiders because so many kids get scared after seeing one. Instead, you can create some cute crochet spiders that can easily be placed in webs around the house.

To give a finishing touch you can bring some of your Halloween yard decorations inside. Don’t forget about the youngsters, when you are planning out the embellishment, as they can get scared of even any safe decor.


If you want a non-scary Halloween party then include a note in your party invitation that requires non-scary costumes for every guest. You can look through a few homemade costume designs, to sew by yourself if you are handy enough with a needle and thread. And if you prefer to purchase a costume, then you can look for the most trendy costumes of the year online or you can always go to the store to get one.

Treat bag

Make treat bags for the young guests of the party. Create the bag in a way that they can use it every year at Halloween. This idea will not cost you much. You can easily decorate this bag with stickers, stamps, paper, ribbon, etc.


You can design a creepy silence to your party with Halloween crafts and kids can keep them as souvenirs too. You can decorate a ghost and pumpkin trees by scaling down to a tabletop beautification. There can be small scarecrows made with popsicle sticks and glue. Also, you and your family can make a mini haunted house with leftover materials.

Game Ideas for Halloween Party

Scavenger Hunt

You can print out some free Halloween scavenger hunt cards and set up clues around the house with a pumpkin full of treats or little prizes at the end. Kids will love the idea.

Truth or Scare

Just like the scavenger hunt, you can print out many Halloween themed clean truth and scare questions instead of truth and dare ones. It can become a fun evening if this game is played with kids through adult supervision.

Mystery boxes

You can spray-paint the Tupperware containers orange. Then put creepy food inside for kids to touch and guess what it actually is. Make a total list of great freaky food items and what they will represent.

Ghost Cups

You can paint ghost faces on some cups and then create a pyramid with them. Then you can get the kids to knock them down by shooting nerf guns from 10 to 15 feet away.  As many cups, the kids will be able to shoot, the more interesting prizes they will get at the end of the evening.

Pumpkin Balloons

This particular idea is a great one for kids and mostly for teenagers to set up. You can stuff the balloons with a bunch of paper slips that have prize names written on them to be claimed later. Kids will try to pop these balloons from a distance with arrows or a nerf gun.

Toilet Paper Mummy

If you were looking for a budget-friendly idea, then this toilet paper game is the right pick for you because every one of us has toilet papers in our house, so we won’t need to spend bucks on them. Kids tend to laugh like crazies while playing this particular game.

Donut Race

Let’s face it. We all have participated in the donut- eating race when we were kids and if you haven’t then you have most certainly missed out a lot. Before setting this one you might need to do test the donuts a little beforehand. This way you can make sure that the donuts are solid for kids. It is a fun one for adults too. Parents can play this game at your party.

Hunting Eyeballs

Just like the Easter egg hunt, in this game kids will look for hidden eyeballs. Hide as many googly eyes around your backyard as you can and let the kids collect them.


The party ideas we have gathered above are for kids especially, but surely the adults will have fun too by watching the little ones playing the games and maybe joining in too. It doesn’t matter if your party is fall-themed or full Halloween-themed, any of these classic Halloween games, foods, and decoration ideas would be spectacularly fun and are applicable for all ages.

These thoughts and activities we have discussed above are mostly DIY and budget-friendly, but if you have not much time in your hand to do all these by yourselves then the supply alternatives can easily be ordered on Amazon for your convenience.


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