Can Memory Foam Get Wet?

It is important that you don’t get your memory foam mattress too wet as this can lead to mold expanding. Instead, you can use spray bottles and damp cloths to scrub away stains.

Can Your Machine Wash Memory Foam?

No matter what, you should never put memory foam in the washing machine as you might end up with lumpy foam. Fortunately, our mattresses come with removable, machine washable covers for or convenience.

What types of box springs are there?

The terms box spring and foundation are practically compatible. There are various types, such as- traditional box springs, low-profile box springs, platforms, Bunkie boards, and adjustable bases.

What’s the difference between a box spring and a foundation?

As traditional box springs might have wrapped coils as a part of their structure, whereas a foundation is sometimes nothing more than a hard, flat surface. The differences between the two are becoming more lesser these days as box springs are now made in most cases without coils or springs of any kind.

How big should a box spring be?

It should be the same length and width as your mattress while the height can be based on your choice. Platform beds can be longer and wider than your bedding surface if you want that look for your bed.

How much does a box spring cost?

The cost will depend on the size you need, the manufacturer, and the brand. Usually, you can plan to spend between $50-$250.

Can I put my mattress directly on the ground?

It is not advisable, but you can.

If I get a new mattress, should I also purchase a new box spring?

If your box spring is not the same size as your new bed or it is developing signs of wear, tear, and sagging, then you should try to invest in a new one. Another reason for purchasing a new one is if your new mattress warranty needs it.

Which wood is best, if I use a wooden platform as my foundation?

As platform wood normally has no knots and can be as smooth as possible, and be resistant to rot.  Also, a premium white pine is a good pick that might work well.  You need to avoid any sort of pallet wood since it can often be both flammable and toxic.

What kind of carpet will you be cleaning?

You may have textured or sculpted, deep shag, low pile, wall to wall, or area rugs. Each type of carpet brings its own specific requirements. You want deep suction to bring up as much of the debris for the wall to wall, as possible so that over time, traffic won’t grind it down into the pad. You might need more than one kind of vacuum if you have different kinds of carpeting.

How often will you be vacuuming this space?

The more intermittently you clean the carpeting, the less dirt there will be to vacuum. We all have the best of intentions and want to keep our homes tidy with a regular plan. If you do vacuum regularly, features such as ergonomics and ease of use will become much necessary to save your shoulders and back.

What other surfaces will you need this vacuum to clean?

Many carpet vacuums also work fine as hardwood vacuums while others have only one type of suction and brush set that wouldn’t function well on debris-laden wood, vinyl or tile. You need to think about attachments and accessories if you want to vacuum furniture upholstery or capture the cobwebs in ceiling corners.

Will the removal of allergens or odors be a real concern?

If you own pets on the carpets or lots of sports gear lying around your house, you might also have strong smells to bear with. Many products today come with HEPA-rated filters, which means they should clean the air down to the microparticle level. Some of them include branded air fresheners too, and these filters may be washable or replaceable.

Is it possible to vacuum ceramic tile floors?

These tiles have unmatched beauty and are also the easiest ones to clean and maintain. Fortunately, you can vacuum them but should only do that with a vacuum suitable for that. Their brand ensures resilience, durability, and quality so tiles can usually take a beating. The easiest way to maintain them clean is to vacuum as well as a mop.

Which one is better? Sweeping or Vacuuming Tile Floors?

Sweeping might be a faster solution to a pile of pet food or cereal you accidentally knocked over, but a vacuum cleaner is much better at cleaning fine dust, particles, pet hair, allergens, and other serious dirt. I recommend that you should opt for vacuuming whenever that’s an option, by following it with warm water mopping and your tile floors will always be clean.

Are Robotic Vacuums Better?

They are best when used to maintain your floors clean. But you shouldn’t rely on them to do any thorough cleaning. As these are practical since they’re doing the work for you, they can’t do it as well as full-sized vacuums. In many cases, it’s because they’re usually small and have narrow cleaning paths.

Why does heat build-up in a memory foam mattress?

The main complaint of memory foam mattresses is heat retention. This build-up heat can cause sleep disruptions and night sweats for plenty of reasons. As we know memory foam is a dense, synthetic material, and density generates enough support to the body. In the meantime when this porous material is filled with tiny air bubbles, they are not interconnected, restricting airflow, as a result, heat gets trapped with the lack of air exposure to the skin.

The similar accommodating properties that make traditional memory foam stand out also causes heat retention. As these properties relieve pressure points and evenly distribute body weight, it also tends to use body heat to mold to your shape.

Why does heat disrupt sleep?

To maintain a cool temperature, your body generally relies on on-air exposure. The lack of air affects the body’s ability to thermoregulate. Thermoregulation is the method that lets the body to maintain an internal core temperature despite outside situations. It is less effective during deep sleep. And without proper air circulation, the heat buildup causes nerve sensors to become uncomfortable, which will cause you to wake up.