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Best Air Mattress Brand

Sometimes when you have more overnight guests than beds, making them sleep on the floor can not be the last option. Having limited space, or when you are traveling or camping, an inflatable air mattress being blown up is generally the best solution for accommodating folks. With air bed, you will still be able to offer your guests proper comfort and a goodnight’s sleep, even if it’s not quite alike as the traditional mattress.

As regular beds are pretty much expensive, and if you are going to purchase one, then you are looking for an inexpensive option for your apartment or home by spending only a couple hundred bucks or less.

Keeping all these in mind, this guide has come to your rescue. In this article, you will find information about ratings of the best brand, including some specific products by their recommendations.

A Quick Synopsis Before Buying the Best Air Mattress

Brand Pump type Inflated height Warranty Featured product
SoundAsleep Electric 18-Inches 1 year


Intex Electric 22-Inches 1 year


AirExpect Electric 19-Inches 2 years


Etekcity Rechargeable pump 9-Inches 2 years


Joofo Electric 18-Inches 3 years


What is the best air mattress?

SoundAsleep Dream Series

This air bed changed the landscape of the industry when it hit the marks in 2013. In the ratings and popularity of the dream series not much has changed during 2018 and it reaches the 2019 ground running. It eliminated the competition within 6 months and became the highest-rated by users in its price range. It has by far the highest number of user reviews within a year. Now it has over 1500 and continues the high standard.

With comfort coil technology this brand is the luxury of an inflatable bed, that no one knew existed. These blow-up beds are known for their compactness, mobility, lack of heaviness, and ease of use. Unfortunately, they are also known for a short life. But this one has come as a game-changer.

SoundAsleep dream series are designed specifically to use at home, but if you use them while camping and traveling you have to keep in mind that it belongs nowhere near water. But if camping is your primary intended use, then you should consider purchasing it’s camping version. They are easy to use, and also the setup process is simple and fast.

This one has a built-in air pump. After you plugin the mattress, and turn the toggle switch on, it will fully blown-up after about 3-6 minutes.

It’s another feature is an extra pump, which prevents deflation if there is any leak, but will cost more. If you purchase this air bed, the chances of your money being wasted are approaching zero. It has a one-year warranty, which adds an extra layer of security. According to recent research, 93% of featured testers described the brand as “comfortable”.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

It has ComfortCoil Technology, which makes the product the most advanced air bed on the market. It provides overnight guests with the pleasure of a traditional mattress. Compared to other products the patented motor is 20% quieter during inflation. It contains 21 top air coils which generate extra comfort to both single sleepers and couples.


  • Has ComfortCoil Technology
  • Ensures firmness and stability
  • Has 21 internal air coils
  • #3 Best-seller rank
  • Has an extra thick, waterproof flocked top
  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King


  • Can be fully inflated in 3 minutes
  • Switches quickly from inflation to deflation
  • 1-year warranty


  • Compared to other products doesn’t fold completely
  • Price is higher than other twin air beds


If you want an air mattress and you are in the market, this brand is of the biggest and has a wide variety. They are the maker of so many products such as pools and air beds. They give options that won’t break your budget. Although there is some higher-end option of this invention, that is a little pricey, you will still be able to find a decent Intex product for a reasonable price.

You will find a lot of great features if you look through the product reviews and descriptions. It has the add-in options, which makes an otherwise boring purchase a little more exciting. There are a couple of air beds that contain built-in pillows, while others have extra padding or built-in air pumps. As so many air mattresses are pretty low to the ground, compared to them, the products from this specific brand look almost twice as tall as other standard air beds.

With an extra chamber, the raised bedding offers better stability and is ultimately more comfortable.

If you are thinking about which one you should buy, an air bed or a real one, then you should know these Intex air mattresses are so much cleaner than any other traditional ones. They are sealed to prevent anything from getting inside and air from slipping away. All you need to do is brush it off when it gets dirty. These inflatable products are much easy to transport.

With wonderful features, this creation comes with different sizes to each of them. It can last as long as a traditional bed if you take care of it. This particular brand material that they are made from seems thin, but they are actually very durable.

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Airbed

This product with an internal electric pump has a velvety soft sleeping surface. It offers more impact, and tear resistance, more puncture resistance, and more tensile strength with the high-density PVC formulation. This one features everything you need for an overnight guest or a trip out of town. With this, you won’t need new sheets, as you can use the fitted sheets you already own.


  • Has high-density PVC formulation
  • Generates more impact and tear resistance
  • Has 16 Gauge thickness
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Gives a velvety soft sleeping surface
  • Can be fully inflated in 3-4 minutes
  • Available size: Queen


The product of this brand has a built-in electric pump that’s loud but fast and strong. It can easily inflate or deflate your bed in minutes. This is an airbed with a significantly high-weight capacity. Also, this brand is made with quality materials, that provides water resistance, long term durability, and a comfortable, soft surface for a good night’s sleep.

This is built with plastic that feels a lot more dependable than others. It comes with a storage bag for easy transfer. This brand promises to melt away any fatigue that might occur during the day and, with the up-to-date high-tech comfort Duracoil Technology and the internal air coil system, it also ensures that the product stays firm through the night and you won’t sink into the bed. It gives an ergonomic design supporting healthy sleeping postures, and it can load the maximum weight.

With this, heavy people can have peace in mind to enjoy quality sleep away from home. You should know, besides the integrated pump controls, the AirExpect airbed has a plastic valve that deflates the mattress more quickly by opening. And if you find yourself without power, you can use the valve to inflate the bed.

The extra thick quilt top with extra layers can resist puncture and stimulate great comfort when fully inflated, which is another plus. Also, your kids can enjoy jumping on it with this weight capacity. This brand has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon. AirExpect offers one of the highest-warranty of any air mattress manufacturer with 2 years.

This is the best inflatable air mattress for heavier folks.

AirExpect inflatable mattress

This air bed has many uses around your house. This product works for outdoor adventures if you have a large tent that can accommodate a taller mattress.

This product from AirExpect in elevated off the ground which makes it a lot easier to get on and off the surface when compared to standard twin air beds. This one is made of long-lasting materials and designed to last.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Has a built-in pump
  • Available size: Queen


  • Especially for adults, the elevation makes getting onto the surface easier
  • 21 air coils inside provide extra comfort and support
  • Has puncture-resistant material


  • Not suitable for taller people
  • A bit pricey compared to other twin-sized air beds


This brand provides impressive mattresses for outdoor use, and also affordable air beds. The most extraordinary thing about this one is its thick PVC material which protects it against all the possibilities of punctures outside there.

For camping, Etekcity provides the most comfortable air mattress, and it stands a decent amount of range off the ground, which imitates the feeling of a real bed so well by making it really easy to get in and out.

This blow-up bed features the unique inner construction and also the multi-prong insulation delivers a suitable height off the ground. The flocking top of this invention offers a convenient surface to lay on. The very likable thing about this brand is that it provides the option for manual inflation and deflation, which allows you to take your bed out and about, and you can use it even if there’s not any electrical outlet available.

To increase ease and guard your air mattress against wear and tear, it is best for you to sleep with sheets or a blanket. You have to keep in mind that the product of this brand is not supposed to be used on a daily basis.

For outdoor uses and camping, if you are looking for an enjoyable, reliable, and relatively low-cost portable air mattress, then the Etekcity will be a great choice.

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

It comes with a 2-year warranty and the latest wave beam inner support it holds is more dependable and stable than the old air coil beam. It gives the feel of a homey bed with the flocked top surface. It has an anti-skid base which keeps the bed in place even if you toss and turn around while sleeping through the night.


  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Has 20% thicker waterproof flocked top
  • Has fourth generation wave beam
  • Provides storage bag
  • Contains 15 Gauge puncture resistance
  • Available sizes: Twin, Queen


  • Made with non-toxic materials, that is safe for everyone
  • Has well-structured edge support
  • Offers free refund


Just as regular exercise and a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep is the same as important. This brand’s quality product has a design that helps increasing sleep quality and makes each morning happier than the previous one. The Joofo air beds are of good size and they are perfectly suitable for your friends and family. Their bed is tasked with changing your life. If you want to travel and camping this will be an excellent choice for you, to relax or use.

The double raised nature of this particular brand will keep you inflated. It has a soft and robust design that assures this mattress will offer incredible body support, which will eliminate back pains and other distress. They are quite easy to clean after you use them. You just have to wipe it with a wet cloth. You can also use bedsheets, which will help you get a better soothing experience.

Their air beds are designed to have a soft flocking top, that you can use with or without sheets. The long-lasting, and extra endurance comes from the safety PVC, featured by this brand. Their products are easy to set up, doesn’t take much time. To help you reach your desired firmness they give a 2-in-1 external valve which will support the inner valve for quickly expanding and the outer valve for adding air.

The assurance of firmness and stability is generated by using the comfort coil technology the brand contains. A 3-years return and refund warranty is a plus for customers, as anyone who will be looking for a budget-friendly air bed for their home, no doubt they will go for the one that will offer a maximum warranty period.

NXONE Joofo Air Mattress

This product reduces back pain by half and shoulder pain by 60%. It has a two people capacity, that holds weight properly without rounding up at the center. Because of high engineering, this mattress is quiet and won’t make any noise. Whether you want to store the bed or carry, this tends to be easy as it deflates and folds fully. It takes only 4 minutes of pumping to fill the air, so you won’t have to wait for hours.


  • Has 40 air coil pockets
  • It is firm and bouncy
  • 15% thicker than other mattresses
  • Has a soft flocking top


  • It’s easy to keep it clean
  • Quick set up
  • Has long-lasting PVC material


  • The top feels unsettled


It should never be a spontaneous effort if you are going to purchase an air mattress. It should be something where you are going to invest your serious thought. On the market, you will find too many brands, and the only way you are going to be capable of determining what is the best pick for you is by doing proper research before you go. For someone who is constantly traveling, or who is always on the go, an air bed can be a gift, or it can also be a nightmare if it is the wrong pick.

We hope this article should help you enough to have a clear perspective by now about the best brands of air mattresses.

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